Books need to be read to come alive.

Let me introduce you to my books, and see if you can find a new friend...

The picture books  

Belle ex Racehorse ...just horsing around

My latest picture book - a true story that had to be told.

Belle is a Canadian ex racehorse born and bred, but what will she make of horsing around in the Yorkshire countryside...? 


 Doodle Mayhem series 

This series came about when I read that you shouldn't let your characters take over, well that just seemed like a challenge...



 Outnumbered by Cats 

One for the adults - a true story where I've shared probably more than I should with the world... it's quite normal to hiss back at your cat right? given the right circumstances, and in my defence it was in the middle of the night and I couldn't think of a more suitable response...



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