Anne M Stephenson - author bio

People often ask me if I started as a teacher, well no, I was a chef - but I've always loved books and making up stories, and when my children grew out of picture books, I didn't... 

I love the classic 32 page picture books, which are deceptively clever.

Not one to be put in a box - I also have my series of chapter books, about Iver No-Idea, a doodle who comes to life, and his dog HB.

But if you really want a snapshot into my life - forget author bios and pick up a copy of my true story Outnumbered by Cats... 

One for the adults - a true story of how I became outnumbered by cats... It's all in there, all the ups and downs and colour photos,

Something special - a first print run of just 100 books, all will be hand numbered and signed Buy Now direct from the author